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Proposed Regulation Alert!!

The State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety, Alaska Police Standards Council is proposing changes to 13 ACC 85.010 to require a “state accredited” diploma or GED test.  This discriminates against independent homeschoolers not enrolled into a state sponsored program.  This is more restrictive than State Statue AS 14.30.010 (10) recognizes the rights of parents to home school their children under Alaska Statute 14.30.010.

The Change is listed under 13AAC 85.010 Basic standards for police officers.  Amended to read,

(4) has a state accredited high school or state accredited home school diploma, [OR ITS EQUIVALENT,] or has passed a General Educational Development (GED) test;

Please visit the HSLDA website under : www.hslda.org/legislation/state/AK/default.asp Proposed Changes to Alaska Police Officer Standards.

We are very concerned that the requirement will prevent “independent” homeschoolers and some private school students from getting a job with Public Safety in the future and will erode the homeschooling laws in Alaska. It is also disconcerting since Alaska’s Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) does NOT accredit schools, public or private!

Action Requested:

Please contact the Alaska Police Standards Council and urge them to remove the discriminatory language requiring a “state accredited” diploma from the proposal.

Comments and written questions on the proposed changes may be submitted by email, fax, or regular mail:

Email comments to: Wendy.menze@alaska.gov

Email written questions to: sarah.hieb@alaska.gov

Fax comments to: 907-465-3263

Regular mail address:
Alaska Police Standards Council
PO Box 111200
Juneau, AK 99811

You can also comment online here: http://notice.alaska.gov/179551

This is a proposal to change Title 13 of the Alaska Administrative Code § 85.010 et seq.

Open for public comment through April 1, 2016.


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Help! I Want To Home School!!

Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about how to homeschool and homeschooling in general? Maybe you’ve made the decision to homeschool but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you are a seasoned homeschooler that would like to renew your homeschool? Maybe you are a veteran homeschooler that would like to share your knowledge with families new to or considering homeschooling? Consider registering for our newest course!

Home Education 101

Session One — Beginning the Journey — June 4th

In this session we will meet some mentor homeschooling families and discuss homeschooling law, support organizations, creating a mission or vision statement, setting goals and general questions & answers about homeschooling.

Session Two —  Choosing Curriculum & Organizing Your Time — June 11th

In this session we will overview various materials/approaches, look at catalogs and resources to help you make informed decisions, guide for buying used curriculum, lesson planning, basic time management for home and school, and discuss sample schedules, lists, etc.

Session Three — Home Educating with Style and Getting Dinner on the Table (The Same Day You Homeschool) — June 25th

In this session we will talk about learning styles and teaching styles and discuss general household hints, methods and tips.

Session Four — Teaching Tips and Organizing Your Home — July 2nd

Here we will discuss teaching tips and techniques along with creating a “learning lifestyle” environment, how this affects home education, and suggest and discuss resources.

Session Five — Home School High School: Transcripts and Course Descriptions — July 9th

This session focuses on the homeschooling high school. Utilizing information from Lee Binz, the Home Scholar, this session will be jam-packed with information and handouts.

Session Six — Testing & Evaluations and Lessons Learned — July 16th

This session will wrap up our course first by looking at various testing sources and options for students who don’t test well. We will briefly cover portfolios and other types of evaluations. The second half of the session will be spent developing critiquing methods for determining what you will do again and what you will change in your homeschool. The conclusion will be a critique and review of the mentors and your overall satisfaction with these classes!

Classes begin the first Thursday of June and progress through July 16th (taking June 18th off) from 7 to 9 pm at North Pole Missionary Chapel. Attend all sessions or just the ones you are interested in! Sign up is required  at https://www.homeschool-life.com/ak/nsih/ under “Upcoming Events”  Special thanks and appreciation to the folks at North Pole Missionary Chapel for allowing us the use of their little chapel Sunday school rooms to be able to coordinate this for Interior families!

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2015 Statewide Homeschool Convention

APHEA (Alaska Private and Home Educators Association) is hosting its 29th annual homeschool convention in Anchorage on April 17th & 18th at Anchorage Baptist Temple. More information and registration is available on APHEA’s website: http://aphea.org/convention/

Attending a homeschool convention is highly encouraged, especially in a state as vast as Alaska. It is at a convention where you can find and receive support from others in a personal, face-to-face atmosphere. If you are feeling burned out or burdened, it is at a convention that you can renew your mind, spirit, and vision while educating yourself to excel in your calling as a homeschooling parent! Conventions such as the one hosted by APHEA help us to remain steadfast in our journey through the renewing of ourselves, something that cannot be accomplished full force through online symposiums, webinars, vendor catalogs, etc.

Andrew Pudewa of Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) describes the benefits of attending a convention:

In reality, a conference is a retreat—a place to gather with like-minded people, see and hear new ideas, ask questions, and contemplate. Even if the talks you attend aren’t the “incredible” talks that change one’s life, there are ideas everywhere, and I’ve found that one small idea from an unexpected source can improve my life forever. Sometimes those ideas don’t even come from speakers or workshops, but from one-on-one conversations with other homeschooling parents.

Taking the time to attend a convention is a little bit like doing exercise or practicing music: You may not want to do it before you do it, but after you do it, you are happier for having done it. So step out, get yourself to a convention this year, fill yourself with inspiration and ideas, make some new friends, and if you’re afraid of the exhibit hall, just don’t go in! (Although that’s where you’ll usually find me, and I do hope you’ll come by and say hello if we’re at the same show.)

This article can be read in its entirety here: http://iew.com/help-support/blog/why-attend-homeschool-convention-year

For extra information and encouragement about the why’s and how’s of attending a homeschool convention, check out this PDF by Terri Ann Berg Olsen that is hosted on Knowledgehouse.info:


Will you be attending this year’s APHEA Convention? If you can’t swing this one, start making plans for the next one!


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