A Great Home School Resource!

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All information shared through this blog/website is for reader information only. It is shared because it has been or is helpful to local independent homeschoolers and may be helpful to other independent homeschoolers, as well.

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               Cathy Duffy has gained the reputation of a homeschool curriculum specialist with no equal. Her wonderful books help homeschooling parents make the best curriculum choices for each of their children; they have been around and helping families for decades! She continually updates the information she shares. She is a bright and shining gem in the United States’ homeschooling movement!

 Click here to visit “Approaches to Homeschool Education” on Cathy Duffy’s Review website. It can help get you pointed in the direction you would like to go with homeschooling and give you some ideas and information to create a thriving family homeschool.

       There are oodles of curriculum reviews and suggestions! It is the perfect site for a parent new to homeschooling who is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of curriculum available. It is also fun to learn about curriculum before purchasing it! I am sure you will find something to help you navigate your homeschool journey and make it the very best it can possibly be!


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