Proposed Regulation Alert!!

The State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety, Alaska Police Standards Council is proposing changes to 13 ACC 85.010 to require a “state accredited” diploma or GED test.  This discriminates against independent homeschoolers not enrolled into a state sponsored program.  This is more restrictive than State Statue AS 14.30.010 (10) recognizes the rights of parents to home school their children under Alaska Statute 14.30.010.

The Change is listed under 13AAC 85.010 Basic standards for police officers.  Amended to read,

(4) has a state accredited high school or state accredited home school diploma, [OR ITS EQUIVALENT,] or has passed a General Educational Development (GED) test;

Please visit the HSLDA website under : Proposed Changes to Alaska Police Officer Standards.

We are very concerned that the requirement will prevent “independent” homeschoolers and some private school students from getting a job with Public Safety in the future and will erode the homeschooling laws in Alaska. It is also disconcerting since Alaska’s Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) does NOT accredit schools, public or private!

Action Requested:

Please contact the Alaska Police Standards Council and urge them to remove the discriminatory language requiring a “state accredited” diploma from the proposal.

Comments and written questions on the proposed changes may be submitted by email, fax, or regular mail:

Email comments to:

Email written questions to:

Fax comments to: 907-465-3263

Regular mail address:
Alaska Police Standards Council
PO Box 111200
Juneau, AK 99811

You can also comment online here:

This is a proposal to change Title 13 of the Alaska Administrative Code § 85.010 et seq.

Open for public comment through April 1, 2016.



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