Special Announcements

Most families have finished up, or are finishing up, their current school year and looking toward the up & coming academic calendar. It is at this typical transition that we are happy to announce big changes with North Star Independent Homeschoolers (NSIH)!

Earlier this spring, we formed a workgroup of a handful of parents who are commited to homeschooling and fostering a community of traditional homeschooling families. The workgroup hashed out By-Laws and a Board of Directors. During the process, NSIH deemed that our transition period should coincide with the typical school year in Alaska; membership will be open all year long, but our membership “year” will be July 1 through June 30.

Our By-Laws are available by clicking here: NSIH By-Laws

The 2016-2017 Board of Directors:

  • Board Chair – RM
  • Vice Chair – CA
  • Secretary – JM
  • Treasurer – VO
    • (initials used for privacy)

We have already started implementing some new things for our members: family get-togethers, Mom’s Night Out, weekly play dates, and a Dad’s Breakfast to name a few. As the “new” school year approaches, we are lining up different classes and other educational activities to have available to our membership! Exciting things are happening, and continuing to happen, thanks to the efforts of our membership community!


With this transition, we also figured it was time to go through our membership list and figure out which families still qualify to be a part of our group. The qualifications for membership are: independently homeschool at least one child and reside within the state of Alaska.  Our Member’s Only site, which is hosted by homeschool-life, makes this process a relatively easy one! Current members will no longer be able to log-in to the site until they complete the Membership Renewal form. After this form is submitted, log-in abilities will be reinstated! Easy-peasy!

Why do we have a Member’s Only site? It’s quite simple. We’re an organization that values the privacy of its members. Facebook isn’t private! Because we value this privacy, which is one reason why some families choose to homeschool, it is through the Member’s Only site that we have our calendar of events, class registrations, forum discussions, and even classifieds. There’s even the option for member families to have their very own private webpage which they can share with family and friends afar! Our business directory is also expanding to include those businesses that support traditional homeschooling, too!

Current NSIH Members that are no longer able to log-in can access the Renewal Form directly by clicking here: Membership Renewal

Families interested in joining NSIH can click here: Request Membership

Technical and other questions about our group should be submitted to NSIH. To email NSIH, click here: email NSIH

Special thanks go to the families that are working hard to facilitate a community among our membership! Thank you!


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