Home School Crisis

            mom_teaching_little_boy                   Homeschooling is arduous. Struggling financially can often put families at odds with their homeschooling decision. Suddenly losing employment, tragically losing a spouse, abruptly diagnosed with a major medical mode, these types of upheavals turn one upside-down and add enormous, monumental stress, which is harmful. When faced with such adversities, families may surrender their homeschooling desires. Families don’t have to. The Home School Foundation, State Ambassador Program, and State Ambassador Fund are available to eagerly and quickly assist when home school families are wrestling with financial difficulties threatening their educational decision. Homeschooling can be done.

                Home School Legal Defense Association founded, in 1994, the merciful and compassionate Home School Foundation, which is the charitable arm of HSLDA. At first only servicing home school groups, HSF notably and quickly identified and expanded when they began to help needy homeschooling families. Empathizing with the various financial hardships homeschooling families may face, several grants were established. These are a Godsend. While 7 grants are specific in nature, there are 2 financial aid programs available. Quickly contacting HSF staff may open the door to other help and assistance. Why not ask? The philanthropic Home School Foundation with its State Ambassador Program is a 501(c)3 organization which is here to help.


                Organized in 2008, the State Ambassador Program bridges the needs of homeschooling families with Home School Foundation funds and the local faces of the homeschooling community. The State Ambassador Program is a network of compassionate, committed volunteers who are the service arm of HSF. Representing, informing, and providing information, service projects, and fundraising opportunities, Home School Foundation State Ambassadors are actively impacting the homeschooling community. Since the State Ambassador Program’s motto is “Many Hands Making a Difference in Your Homeschool Community,” there are four ways to volunteer to serve: State ambassadors, Community ambassadors, Service ambassadors, and Youth ambassadors. Actively and passionately ministering while promoting HSF’s principles to the community, the State Ambassador Program brings State Ambassador Funds and personal, friendly, familiar homeschooling faces to HSF.


                The State Ambassador Fund is an important and integral part of the State Ambassador Program. Earmarked to directly assist homeschooling families in the state, the fund is comprised of contributions, donations, and fundraiser earnings. Upon receipt of funds, HSF processing fees are compassionately and graciously waived, as to allow 100% of funds to be available. Possibly the most significant detail, certain fundraiser earnings are matched, dollar for dollar, by HSF. More bang for your buck! Fundraising activities must be approved by HSF. Because the State Ambassador Fund needs replenished, the current, continual fundraiser, which is approved, is an on-going, perpetual used curriculum sale. The State Ambassador Program relies upon the State Ambassador Fund to assist struggling home school families throughout the state.

                Homeschooling during financial crisis may seem impossible. With help from the Home School Foundation, its State Ambassador Program, and the State Ambassador Fund, homeschooling through difficult times is possible! Most significantly, the State Ambassador Fund consists of monies earmarked for families in that state. Matching funds are sometimes available from HSF. When a family is identified as needing assistance, this fund is what goes beyond a standard HSF grant. Consider donating (online donations accepted at https://www.homeschoolfoundation.org/index.php?id=31&fundid=260) or purchasing next year’s home school curriculum at the perpetual used curriculum sale (details and contact form located at http://www.lifeinthelastfrontier.net/home-school-foundation-alaska/). Your generosity is appreciated! Financial crisis does not have to affect your commitment to home school.



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