Confident, Competent Communicators

North Star Independent Homeschoolers delightfully and proudly announces, as celebratory recognition, our very own member momma, Mrs. Makinen, is an Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Registered Instructor! Besides being an amazing and important accomplishment, which can benefit the community as a whole, Mrs. Makinen is currently teaching a composition class to our group! Significantly, Registered Instructors are accredited by IEW and IEW endorses their teaching ability, which allows independents additional “credibility” without the need for state oversight. Tutoring is another service Mrs. Makinen is registered to offer our homeschooling community. While Mrs. Makinen is not limiting her services to just homeschoolers, she is beginning with NSIH Member families. Thank you, Mrs. Makinen! NSIH looks forward to your accredited assistance for our member families to create confident, competent communicators!



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