Free Resources

We’ve recently learned of some free ebooklets that your family could use this summer to strengthen your relational skills and reduce the conflicts that are common to home-schooling. These materials were written by Ken Sande, a frequent speaker at home school conferences and author of The Peacemaker, which has sold over 500,000 copies in seventeen language.

  • Preparing Children for Highly Relational Lives explains how to teach children and teens relational and conflict resolution skills that promote discipline in school, encourage healthy friendships, prepare children for successful careers and marriages and enhance their witness for Christ.
  • Raising Empathetic Children provides practical techniques to model and teach empathy and compassion to children, starting at two years of age and going through the tumultuous teenage years. This booklet includes links to demonstration videos, as well as a link to a companion article on how parents can improve their empathy skills.
  • Overcoming Artificial Maturity with Relational Wisdom shows why many teens are less mature than they realize, which makes them vulnerable to many educational and career problems. It then provides five strategies for developing authentic maturity and relational skills that can help young people launch successfully into college life, marriage and rewarding careers.

To learn more about these resources, click here.


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