Co-op Interest Survey

With Google’s announcement to make G-Suite for Education available to home school co-ops, it got some of us thinking! Interior Alaska runs slim for cooperative learning opportunities outside of the plethora of classes and activities offered through various instructors and organizations. The closest thing the community has is Classical Conversations — which isn’t quite a co-op, but is the closest thing that fits a co-op description in terms of home educating. Knowing there may be a need, especially for families accustomed to having many co-ops available to them, we have decided to conduct an interest survey. Whether or not we utilize G-Suite for Education in our home schools or home school co-ops, the idea of cooperative learning available outside of typical classrooms seems to be intriguing more and more families in the Interior.

Let’s discuss the type of co-op a few of us homeschooling moms are considering. In an attempt to keep things simple, it will be low-key meaning there will not be a set curriculum that is followed or a specific scope & sequence of academic or extra-curricular subjects/activities. A mom with a particular talent or interest will present a lesson/activity to a group of students of all ages. Ideally, we will meet 2 times a month — one time focusing upon these parent-presented lessons and the second encompassing a field trip. In a low-key style, our children will experience an array of educational and social opportunities through such a cooperative endeavor.

Please consider filling out an interest survey located here: Co-op Interest Survey

If sufficient feedback is received, this co-op will be open to all homeschooling families: students of all ages, all grades.


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