Help for New or Re-newed Home School Parents

It is July! What does that mean? A new school year is right around the corner, visible on the horizon, and coming quickly. With each July, parents either begin to look into home schooling, take the plunge, or renew their earlier decision. And with each of those, the questions always come up: HELP! How in the world do I go about teaching a (insert grade here)-er?! What curriculum should I use for (insert grade/subject here)? Help for these and the plethora of other questions are just a phone call away or internet click away!

A terrific place to start, whether you are brand new with a preschool-aged child or high school, is with Home School Legal Defense’s “Getting Started Home Schooling“. For parents that have renewed their earlier decision and want to continue home schooling, great suggestions about how to reaffirm your decision and steps to take to make this year just as successful, or more successful, than last school year can be found here: “Curriculum“.

Want someone to personally help you and walk you through each step? Feel free to send us an email with your name and telephone number! Our email address is northstarindependents(at)

Remember, only YOU and your spouse know what is best for your child! Don’t ever get caught up in stereotypes. Your reasons for home schooling may be completely different from another’s. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for your decision. You are doing what you feel is the best for your child! Never compare your home school to someone else’s (even if you do use the same curriculum) because someone else isn’t you! Lastly, here’s a great article for all of us to read for further encouragement: Why Moms Choose to Homeschool.

Still have questions? Don’t be afraid to call! Find our information on Home School Legal Defense’s website.


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