New Cooperative Learning Experience

Those of you from the Lower 48 know co-ops. You were involved and had many to choose from to fit the needs of your family. Then, you show up in Alaska. Some refer to the public school “homeschool” programs as co-ops. Some refer to the different charter school “homeschool” programs as co-ops. Some refer to Classical Conversations as co-ops. What do you discover? Alaska has not the traditional, Lower 48 co-ops that you have come to know and love.

Until now. . .

Moose Creek Baptist Church Homeschool Co-op is an all volunteer ministry for the homeschooling community. A handful of moms have gotten together to offer classes for K through 12 (with Pre-K activities for any K-12 sibling) on one day a week (Fridays) from 10 to 2:15. Co-ops provide a great outlet for slightly more formal classroom experience and that dreaded s-word that homeschoolers have come to greatly dislike: socialization!

Registration for the co-op (a true cooperative) is THIS FRIDAY, August 16, from 11-1 at Moose Creek Baptist Church (3518 Hope Street in Moose Creek, which is North Pole). We at NSIH encourage and invite you to attend the registration to learn about the co-op and see whether or not it would be a good fit for your family.

Event information is available on the Moose Creek Baptist Church Facebook page.


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