Homeschool Independently: Why and How!

Independently homeschooling families on the Peninsula have organized this state-wide event! The forum of Alaskan parents are from all over this great state and participants are encouraged to check into their local public library for accommodations! If you are interested in learning more about this legal educational option for your family, please mark your calendars … More Homeschool Independently: Why and How!

Common Core Alaska: Opting Out

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is increasingly on parents’ radar as more and more schools across the nation are implementing curriculum that aligns to these federally mandated voluntary standards. There’s a plethora of complaints from the anti-Common Core groups ranging from unconstitutional, corporate control of US education, loss of local control, sub-par standards, developmentally … More Common Core Alaska: Opting Out

Affordable Curricular Options for Independently Homeschooling

On multiple occasions, the question of how a family can afford to homeschool without using a state-funded program presents itself.  Why does this question come up so often? Students enrolled in state-funded programs are participating in a non-traditional form of public school thereby making them public school students. These taxpayer-funded programs tend to perpetuate their … More Affordable Curricular Options for Independently Homeschooling