Membership Information

Supporting Independent Homeschoolers in Fairbanks and surrounding communities who choose to homeschool in accordance with Alaska homeschooling law instead of enrolling their children in public correspondence schools. The goal of this group is to address and support the unique needs of those families choosing to educate their children in a parent-led and family funded fashion as indicated by Alaska’s homeschooling law.

Vision Statement

To promote, encourage, and strengthen independently homeschooling families and reinforce their independence by providing times of close interaction through educational and enrichment activities in a safe and loving environment.

Mission Statement

To provide encouragement, support, social, and academic opportunities that promote and strengthen parent directed education and enrichment that are divorced completely from the authority, direction, or funding of the state or federal government.

What We Strive to Offer to Member Families:

Year-round get-togethers, twice each month for our families to enjoy informal hangout/socialization/friendship development time!  Click here for more information on this, if you’d like! 

A discount on Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) membership!

An online, secure site for members with an event calendar, message board, discussion forums, business directory, and even a secure FAMILY WEB PAGE to share with family and friends from afar! 

Best of all, we offer the opportunity for independent homeschoolers to meet and make friends with other independent homeschoolers!  If you’re an independent homeschooler, feel free to join us! It’s always great to meet new friends!

The qualifications for membership in this organization are: independently homeschool at least one child and reside within the state of Alaska.
Click here for our Members Only site and to request membership to our group.

Dues for the 2017-2018 academic year are $10 per family.



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